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                                                CRITICAL MASS

   I don`t make a penny ; I have no personal affiliation with any of the brokees plus this web site

can be shut down at any time.  

   Few people can formulate integrated mentality broker systems on their own.

   As a mentality broker my job is to provide human beings with practical tools for dealing with reality in order to live easier, more prosperous, happier lives and it shouldn`t be hard considering that by observation of, and-of-the-world; Scenarios have disintegrated by innovations.

       Perception of reality it`s not what it is, it`s what we think it is.

   Almost everyone believes that they see things as they are.

  Almost no one does.

  Our perception of reality rules our lives no matter what we think.

  So the difference in people is the way they think. Our individual perception of reality controls our thought processes. Our thought processes control our lives.

  The difference in people is how they think. The difference in what people think is what they read. The difference in what they read is how much they read. How much they read is how close to reality they are.

      Back in 1987 I had the idea of creating a non-delinquent generation, I have being working on it since.

      Now in 2013 I have this idea; That in order to create a non-delinquent generation we need to create an UP REVERSAL FUNNEL FLOW MENTALITY BROKER CENTER that would invade the earth.

      Taking in consideration that a forsed hard living creates a forsed harder living so a forsed easy living should create an easyer living don`t you think? well; I invite you men and women who see the world not for what it is but for what it can become.

      EASY GOING; you must beware-the forces of mediocrity,silliness, and CGI overkill never rest.

                                               URFFMB  Center


                          You are in the Up Reversal Funnel Flow Mentality if;

   1) your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food,

   2) you don`t live in a major metropolitan area,

   3) you have no mortgage obligations,

   4) your equities are held in certificate form,

   5) you store your own precious metals,

   6) you have no CDs or investments in bonds,

   7) you have no federal retirement funds,

   8) you keep cash on hand for 6 months expenses,

   9) you have no consumer debt at all,

   10) you have a small hobby farm for protein and veggies outside of where you are living with no mortgage debt, set up green,

   11) you have a gas, diesel or electric car with high fuel mileage for the farm.

   12) As far as for Deception Proof steps, request an e-book by e-mail, I will be eager to send.



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